FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Wesley Sheeks says that the way that his wife lost her life is unacceptable. The obvious pain will not go away, but he plans to keep up the fight to keep her memory alive.  

November 1 would have been Michelle Sheeks’ birthday celebration. It’s also the day that her husband Wesley will share his story of how his wife died. 

“Once again, I get to honor her on a day that would have been her day,” Sheeks said. “It would have been a celebration all ready for her. She loved everything but I get the opportunity to speak for my wife again.”

Sheeks will face the Phil Campbell City Council and tell the story of how his wife died with Alabama State Animal Control from Montgomery in attendance. Michelle Sheeks had gone for a walk near her home on April 28 just before sunrise when she was attacked by a pack of dogs. She later died from her injuries on July 12.  

Franklin County has caught the attention of animal control. Sheeks will state that tougher laws for animal control are needed. 

“I have the opportunity to go to some city council meetings and things such as that to start telling our story and just a little something extra to draw the attention to the actual need for something to be down around here,” he explained.

Brandy Lee Dowdy, the owner of the dogs, was indicted by a Franklin County grand jury for manslaughter in connection to the death of Michelle Sheeks. Dowdy had over two dozen dogs at her home that roamed the neighborhood.

Wesley Sheeks told News 19 that punishment for Dowdy will never take the pain away from losing his wife.

“She could be locked up for 5 years or she could be locked up for 20 years, but either way it’s not going to change my life a bit,” Sheeks said. “I’m not going to say that she should be able to walk away free, but at the same time no matter what happens with her it’s not going to change my situation.” 

One day after the attack on Michelle Sheeks, Jacqueline Beard, an investigator with the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) was attacked and killed by dogs while investigating the attack on Sheeks.