FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Angelene Chamblee, owner of a Red Bay daycare center charged with the death of four-month-old Autumn Wells, has had her pre-trial hearing date postponed.

Court records obtained by News 19 in June 2022 state Wells’ cause of death was due to her being left on her stomach on a “Boppy” pillow for an extended period of time.

Franklin County District Attorney Jeffrey Barksdale told News 19 that the courts have not decided whether Chamblee will be tried individually or with the other four women who were charged after Autumn Wells’ death.

Chamblee was charged with six counts of child care act violation and two counts of forgery. The four other women charged in connection to Wells’ death are Hannah Grace Letson, Payton Nicole Gann, Teia Kay Gann and Madison Jade McCalpin.

Payton Nicole Gann and Madison McCalpin were both charged with manslaughter and false reporting to law enforcement. Teia Kay Gann and Letson were both charged with tampering with a witness. Letson was also charged with tampering with physical evidence.

Barksdale later said that he hopes the issue will be resolved quickly and that he wants all five people to be tried together.

“I believe it’s important for a jury in this case to hear the whole story,” Barksdale said. “And I think that, as much as possible, I think we want to try and present that entire story.”

Barksdale said that the case will be continued until sometime in May.