Editor’s Note: Once the man was identified, News 19 learned he was from Town Creek. The headline was changed to reflect his correct residence.

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — One man died the day after his mother shot him in the leg in an attempt to break up a fight between him and his brother, authorities say.

According to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, a fight broke out between two adult brothers in the Hatton community on Wednesday, Nov. Deputies say one of the brothers was beating the other with a baseball bat. After the mother failed to get the brothers to separate, she shot the one with the bat in the leg, according to authorities.

The brother with the gunshot wound was flown to Huntsville Hospital for treatment. LCSO Chief Deputy Brian Covington says the man was released from the hospital later that evening.

The following day, authorities learned the brother who had been shot was at his mother’s house in the 8000-block of County Road 236, recovering, and went to arrest him for the assault.

However, when they arrived, according to Lawrence County Coroner Scott Norwood, the man was lying on the couch, unresponsive.

Authorities started performing advanced CPR with the aid of an AED device until an ambulance was able to arrive. He was taken to the Lawrence Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Coroner Norwood later identified the man as 43-year-old Lucas Harville, of Town Creek. He told News 19 that the body has been sent to the Department of Forensics Science for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

No update was given on the brother who was assaulted with the baseball bat.