UKRAINE (WHNT) — A Lawrence County man is missing in Ukraine after volunteering to fight with the Ukrainian army in the war against Russia.  

The family of marine veteran Andy Tai Ngoc Huynh of Trinity says they have not heard from him in a week. Now they fear that he may have been captured by Russian forces.

Back in April, Huynh used his own money to go over to Ukraine and defend that land against Russian invaders. His pastor at the Trinity Presbyterian Church praised his character and willingness to potentially lose everything for his decision. 

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said, “This is an important point in time to remind that we discourage Americans from going to Ukraine and fighting in Ukraine. It is a war zone. It’s combat.”

His family says that they haven’t been in touch with him for a week. The family reached out to Alabama U.S. representative Robert Aderholt on Monday for fear that he may have been captured.

“Some people will jump to conclusions that maybe they were captured but we don’t know that at this point,” Aderholt told News 19. “We just know that they were not at the rendezvous point when they were supposed to be.” 

The rendezvous point was near Kharkiv, the site of heavy Ukraine counterattacks with Russia. saying that they haven’t been in touch with him since last Tuesday.

“I’ve had the chance over the past several years to travel to Ukraine and I’ve actually got know some of the members of the Parliament in Ukraine, so I have a very close contact in the Parliament there that also hope will be helpful as well,” Aderholt continued.

Another man, Alex Drueke of Tuscaloosa, also a marine veteran who volunteered is also missing. A U.S. State Department spokesperson says that they are aware that both men were in the same unit. Senators Richard Shelby and Tommy Tuberville and Congresswoman Terri Sewell are assisting Drueke’s family.

Aderholt says that his office has placed inquiries with the U.S. state department trying to obtain any possible information.