FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Members of Save Our Strays, a local animal rights and protection organization, have begun attending city council meetings across Franklin County.

On October 19, they met with the Red Bay city council. They shared the story of three animals from three separate incidents that were abused or neglected in Franklin County.

Chapel King, a member of Save Our Strays, told News 19 that they’re hoping to encourage more action from local leaders and law enforcement.

“We have seen a lot of cases in Franklin County in the last year or so that were just absolutely horrific. Cases where people really need to be charged with felonies,” King said.

King said that many people don’t know how many laws and ordinances there are against animal abuse and neglect.

“Educating the community is huge,” King said. “People need to know what the laws are and how they can get support from people in the community.”

King later said that taking care of injured and stray animals is difficult and expensive. That’s why they are working to educate the public and officials in Franklin County.

“We’ve got to work harder doing shelter diversion, getting out in the community and helping people, and getting financial support,” King said.