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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. —  The Homer B. Wilson Jr. Vintage Museum in Guntersville boasts World War II era  airplanes among other unique pieces of history, but directors say the vintage airplanes could be up for auction, and they’re turning to the community to keep them in place.

Stepping inside the vintage airplane museum at the Guntersville Municipal Airport is like going back in time. “We have two Stearman, a 1941 and a 1943. We have a 1940 WACO. WACO is an acronym for Wagner Aircraft Company,” explains museum board Vice President Bill Greenhaw. Those are only a few of the vintage planes on display.

The majority of the planes are from the World War II era, donated to the museum.

The donor passed away, leaving the planes’ futures at the museum in question. “Everything you see in here will be auctioned off at some point in time,” Greenhaw says, “I’m not sure what the conditions of the auction are.”

The museum staff’s hope is to  keep the planes where they are. “We would like for local people to maybe buy a few and leave them in the museum,” Greenhaw says.

They would like to see all of the vintage planes bought and kept in the museum, but some are better than none. “The other option would be somebody buy a few locally, and what we lose, we will replace with other assets,” Greenhaw says.

The planes are pieces of history, each with their own story, each unique. The goal is to keep them in Guntersville so the community can continue to enjoy them.

The museum is open to the public, and can be toured for a donation of your choice. It’s located at the Guntersville Municipal Airport off of U.S. Highway 431.

Directors say there is no word on when the auction might be.