Woodville 5th graders build an electric car for Green Power Race

Northeast Alabama
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WOODVILLE, Ala. - 5th grade students of Woodville are testing their electrical cars, cars they built themselves.

"We have to wire the cars directly and exactly to their specific parts on the junction box to make sure that the car works how it is working right," says Waeylon Taylor, a student.

But it's not only about building and racing cars...

"They're learning how to make line plots, round decimals, record time, figure out the speed of a vehicle using formulas and math without a text book," says math and science teacher, Melissa Evans.

Now that math is down, what about science?

"Normal cars produce carbon monoxide that destroys the ozone layer and that also destroys life," says Taylor.

Students learned about the depletion of fossil fuels, leading to the reason behind electric cars.

"By the time that me and most of the other 5th graders here reach adulthood and buy a car, it will most likely be an electric car."

The Green Power car competition is just another way to help students learn what they usually would inside of a classroom.

"When they participate in something like this, they remember it," says Evans. "They're not just learning it for the day or to pass a test, it's something they carry with them for life and these opportunities like this are memorable."

The Green Power USA Whitesburg invitational will be held on May 13th at Whitesburg P-8 school in Huntsville.


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