Woman tosses dog over an animal shelter’s fence

Northeast Alabama
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BOAZ, Ala - "Our neighbor called and said that there was a dog running loose at the shelter. So Wanda came down here and that's when she found her. She had actually made it outside of the fence by the time Wanda came," says Doug McGee, manager of a Second Chance Shelter.

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-7-32-04-pmTwo-year old Desi was thrown over the fence at Second Chance Shelter shortly after it had closed.  Managers are saying this is unfortunately a reoccurring issue, and it puts a strain on the shelter itself.

"We stay at capacity and when we're at capacity that means every kennel's got a dog in it.  When you overload something like that it adds to all kinds of problems.  We want to save as many as we can but we just simply can't take them all."

Not only does throwing them over the fence or leaving them on the shelter's property cause issues for the shelter itself, but it also puts the animals at risk.

"We have some dogs that we let run loose at night-time. They actually run lose all the time.  They're good dogs that are not normally aggressive, but they are protective of their area so if you throw a new dog into it, especially a small one, they may instinctively try to attack it," says McGee.

Second Chance says if you no longer want to keep your pet, properly hand them over to the shelter and they'll do whatever they can to help you and the animal.

"Call us first. If it's an adoptable dog like this one, it make it a lot easier for us to take him and find a home for him."


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