Woman rescued after going over falls at Little River Canyon

Northeast Alabama

DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. – A 21-year-old woman from Georgia was rescued after she washed over the falls at Little River Canyon Monday, officials said.

An ALEA helicopter crew and Fischer Rescue Squad were able to pull the woman from a rock in the water. DeKalb Ambulance Service evaluated the woman in the parking area before she was flown to an area hospital.

Investigators say the woman, from Douglasville, GA, was walking along the area above Little River Falls when she slipped on a rock. The release from the National Park Service says she got caught in the current and was washed over the edge to the pool of water 35-feet below. The woman was able to make her way to the rocks in the middle of the pool to await help.

Emergency crews got to the woman and assessed her injures. An ALEA helicopter then extracted the woman and take her to the parking lot. She was then flown to an area hospital for treatment.

“If you look at 58 years of records they’ve been keeping for river flow, we’re still at about 3 times the normal flow rate. When you have water going over shallow rock like that, it’s going to be swift. So it would be really easy for someone to lose their footing and go over.”

National Park Service rangers, Fischer Rescue Squad, Fort Payne Fire Department, Dogtown Volunteer Fire Department, DeKalb Ambulance Service (DAS), Cherokee County Sheriff Office, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) State Troopers and ALEA Aviation, and Air Evac Lifeteam all responded to the scene for the rescue.  

The water rescue comes a day after a man from out of state drowned in the park.

Less than a week ago, a 19-year-old man from Georgia drowned.

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