GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — In 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed Veteran’s Day into law. Thousands of people have served in the military, committing their lives to fighting for the American people.

Several communities across the Tennessee Valley used Nov. 11 to extend their appreciation for those who made freedom possible.

It’s a time to recognize the many who made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms that are enjoyed nationwide. All of those brave individuals who courageously served were honored Saturday in Guntersville.

“We would do it again, all these veterans out here regardless of age if they were called upon, they would go and serve again,” Vietnam Veteran Jimmy Segars said.

Former and current members of service along with the community gathered in unity to give thanks to the many who put their lives on the line for our country.

Hosted by American Legion Post 8, the event was filled with emotion as many reflected on the sacrifices that were made in order to make freedom a possibility.

Segars, who served in the Vietnam War, says Veteran’s Day is also about acknowledging the families of service members as well.

“One thing we don’t want to forget is that a lot of these people that serve, they’ve got wives and families at home when they’re deployed and they make a big sacrifice also,” Segars told News 19.

The Vietnam Veteran says coming together as a country to highlight those who served in years past, as well as those who continue to serve, is also a significant part of the day.

Current service member and U.S. Army Sergeant Major Holly Burke says not only does she thank them, but she’s inspired by the many veterans who paved the way for her military career.

“It just means a lot to celebrate our veterans and what they have done for our country,” Sgt. Major Burke said. “I hope that I can make them proud because they have truly laid the foundation for who I am and what I am today.”

The event took place at what will be the future home of the Guntersville Veterans Memorial Park.