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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. – Employees of Wayne Farms marched off the production floor and into the parking lot early Tuesday morning, demanding to be heard.

Workers were promised a raise back in October.

A paper explaining the pay raises was handed to employees on Tuesday, showing third shift workers receiving a $3 raise, second shift workers receiving a $2 raise, and first shift workers getting a $1.10 raise.

Sylvia Barajas, a Wayne Farms employee said that’s just not enough, “”They told us to wait all this time, to wait, for us to have patience, because they were going to agree on a price, but for us, $1.10, is not good,” Barajas said.

Upon receiving the notice, over 40 first shift employees staged a walkout at the start of their shift. Many employees, who didn’t want to be named said not only was pay low, but working conditions were bad.

Jessica Rodriguez, whos only been with the company for three weeks says she’s seen veteran hard workers get discouraged.

“They’re trying to raise our wages maybe 10 cents, we’re trying to get a little bit more, because we’re doing first shift productions and then second shift productions as well and they’re running the lines pretty fast,” Rodriguez said.

Company spokesperson Frank Singleton issued a statement regarding the protest:

The labor shortage has impacted WF [Wayne Farms] like every other business, and we’ve had to schedule some overtime and weekend shifts at our Albertville facility as a result, in order to keep our plant running and our customers happy.

This has prompted a group of impacted workers to walk off the production floor this morning. Over the past few weeks, we have been in negotiations to renew the collective bargaining agreement with employee union representatives and resolving the issues of overtime and shift pay differential has been a central component of the collective bargaining process.

Through unanimous vote of the negotiating committee, we have tentatively agreed on a proposed shift pay differential, which we believe will accommodate their needs and still meet the requirements of our customers. We expect the collective bargaining agreement to be approved by a majority of employees during a scheduled vote tomorrow (December 1).

Singleton adds that says negotiations and collective bargaining has been going on since October to try to reach an agreement.

“We just reached a tentative agreement with the union representatives on a shift paid differential,” Singleton said, “We will get this resolved.”

First shift employees told News 19 that working conditions are not suitable and that they have to pick up the slack of second shift.

Employees say they just want to see one thing, ” We just want something that’s justifiable, if they can’t give us a five dollar raise, maybe three or four,” Barajas said, “But, this is almost disrespectful with how much we’ve been going through.”

The company has said there are not enough funds to negotiate a higher raise at this time. Workers are irate at this, stating employees at a separate location receive much higher wages.

According to Singleton, a vote on these wages will take place on Wednesday, December 1.