SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) – Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey spoke to business leaders in northeast Alabama Tuesday afternoon.

The Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce hosted a luncheon with the governor at the Goose Pond Civic Center where she spoke about everything from the pandemic, the states booming economy to one of her most passionate platforms – education.

“I say the single most important issue here in Alabama and in our children’s education,” she said in her address.

She also said that better education is the future of our state.

“It’s how we attract industry, it’s how we keep our citizens productive, it’s how we revive small towns like Scottsboro, Alabama,” Ivey said.

The governor said the state will focus on core curriculum and after data is collected during the spring semester, the state will implement the Alabama Literacy Act.

Ivey also addressed the booming economy, “Alabama’s economy is rock solid, our preliminary numbers for 2021 are looking so strong you wouldn’t even know we were in the middle of a pandemic.”

She added she was pleased with how Alabama’s port is doing record business. She said they will continue to target rural counties like Jackson County so they can grow and thrive through investing wisely in the one-time funds of the American Rescue Plan Act.

“State-wide broadband and connectivity, state-wide sewer infrastructure, as well investing funds in our hospitals, nursing homes and other health care providers,” Ivey said.

You can watch her full remarks in the video player below.

Throughout her address, the governor kept saying she and the state would not let up.