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FORT PAYNE, Ala. – Walmart has announced plans to begin purchasing supplies from Renfro Corporation, a local company based in Fort Payne.

Walmart says it will begin to source materials from American-based companies like Renfro Corporation in an effort to invest in U.S. manufacturing. Renfro Corporation believes the investments will create around 442 jobs in textile manufacturing, namely by providing Walmart with athletic socks.

Renfro Corp. currently has 605 employees and is the largest employer in Fort Payne’s hosiery industry, according to the DeKalb County Economic Development Authority.  These new jobs will push the company over the 1,000 mark.

Additionally, Walmart will partner with six universities across the country to help advance sustainability in the production of textiles.

Across the country, Walmart said it plans to create up to 34,000 jobs and spend $6.8 billion in capital investments. The investments will go towards construction and remodeling stores, as well as expansion of new services such as its new Online Grocery Pickup.

The company’s announcement also follows a commitment made in 2013 to purchase an additional $250 billion in American-made, sourced, and assembled products through 2023. Walmart believes the commitment will produce around one million jobs.