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Northeast Alabama
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UPDATE: Semifinal voting end Friday, June 26 at noon.

HOLLYWOOD, Ala. (WHNT) — A Jackson County police department has a member it wants to honor on a national level, and it needs the Valley’s help to do it.

The Hollywood Police Department has an officer who, for most of his life, protected soldiers in Afghanistan. Now that officer works with Chief Jason Hepler.

His name is K9 Officer Fox. A life of service is all he knows. “We feel like there’s no better way to honor him than to have him nationally recognized as a hero,” Chief Hepler says.

The department entered him into an online contest through the American Humane Association, appropriately called Hero Dog Awards. “They recognize dogs for outstanding acts of courage and bravery,” Chief Hepler says.

Dogs from all over the nation are entered, and clicks equal votes.

If K9 Fox wins, it will give the department the opportunity to make a difference in another community. “If we win we get to choose a non-profit organization to donate the prize money to,” Chief Hepler says.

The organization the department picked will help other law enforcement agencies. “K9s4COPs, because they actually purchased Fox for us and we’d like to see another agency get a police K9.”

It’s a way for K9 Fox to be recognized for his years of dedication in the war and for his service in Jackson County.

It’s also a way for the department to continue his service, so another police department can have a hero like Fox on its side. “That’s what he lives for, is to do his job, and I think that’s really a great thing for him,” Chief Hepler says.

Follow this link for direct access to K9 Fox’s voting page.

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