Viral photo from DeKalb County helps women share their infertility stories

Northeast Alabama
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FYFFE, Ala. — One photo from a local photography business is inspiring hundreds of women to share their infertility stories.

Kayla Wilson is the owner and photographer of KC Photography and her recent photos, titled “Rainbow Mamas” is earning her nationwide attention. It features the moms of rainbow babies.

“Rainbow Mamas” by KC Photography

“A rainbow baby is a baby that’s born after a miscarriage or the loss of an infant,” says Wilson. “It’s the rainbow after the storm of that loss.”

Wilson says she takes a lot of photos of babies, but has also seen the pain that a miscarriage can give.

“I’ve had clients message me and they would say, ‘We’re going to do a pregnancy announcement, we’re going to do maternity pictures!’ and then they’d contact me again and say, ‘We lost the baby.'”

This time, she wanted to step out of her comfort zone and do something different that could help a lot of women realize they are not alone. She says because of the stigma around infertility, she wanted to showcase a group of “rainbow baby mamas.”

“I think it was cathartic for a lot of them to see themselves as these beautiful, powerful women and realize they had gone through this terrible thing and they came out so much stronger on the other side.”

Wilson shared the photo on Facebook, and it went viral. She says is has reached almost one million views, more than 9,000 shares, and more than 500 comments.

Wilson says she has received a lot of feedback on Facebook. “Comments especially,” she says, “of women saying, ‘I had my rainbow baby 15 years ago. I had my rainbow baby 36 years ago. I had my rainbow baby last year.'”

Women across the country are sharing their stories in the comments.

One comment that is resonating with people is by Rebekah Armstrong which reads:

July 1986, at four months pregnant our Baby Catherine fell out onto the floor as I was about to shower. JESUS overwhelmed me with a peace that defies understanding.
Erin Jane was born August 15, 1987. Ethan Isaac was born March 3, 1990.
There exists no words. . . this photograph of these beautiful women. . . joyful weeping. JESUS BE glorified for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Delaney Love wrote:

I had a miscarriage Friday, 4/19, it was my first pregnancy. I was 14 weeks. This made me cry, but I cried happy tears, this gives me hope I’ll have my rainbow baby one day.

Miranda McCord McElhaney said:

This is beautiful and I’m glad these strong women are getting the recognition they deserve. I am a fellow angel mom my little girl was stillborn at 38 weeks on 12/12/01 my rainbow baby was born on 7/30/03.

Wilson wants this photo to inspire all women to share their story, and realize that they are not alone: “You don’t have to go that far to find a lot of people who share the same story.”

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