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GRANT, Ala. – Tempers are high for some this election season, but there’s no excuse for what apparently happened to someone’s car a few days ago in Marshall County.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a case of vandalism involving a car left on the side of Cathedral Caverns Highway.

A spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office said he believes the silver Cadillac broke down, possibly Saturday or Sunday, and the driver left it the side of the road, just about a half mile from Highway 72.

The car has two ‘Trump/Pence’ bumper sticker, and it appears vandals broke the windows out and spray painted obscene anti-Trump language on the side of the car. The vandals also beat the body of the car, causing thousands of dollars in damage to it.

Scotty Littrell was driving down Highway 63, near Grant, Monday morning, when he spotted the car. “You can’t miss when you drive down there and something’s battered all to pieces,” says Littrell. “Every window in it was busted out. They took what appeared to be a sledge hammer all the way around it and beat holes into it. Then of course they had the profanity on the side of it.”

Like everyone else, Scotty has his own political opinions.  “Some people right down from my house has Clinton signs. I don’t care. I travel just by there. You support who you want to support, that’s the way I see it,” he says.

Politics aside, he says there’s no place for this kind of vandalism.  “I don’t care who you are, which way you go, that’s just wrong,” says Littrell.

The Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the case.  If you have any information about who is responsible, please call (256) 582-2034.