UPDATE: DeKalb Co. Shooting Suspect Still On The Loose

Northeast Alabama

Deputies say Travis Townsend is in custody. He was wanted in a shooting that happened Tuesday morning on County Road 313 in Dawson. (Photo: DeKalb Co. Sheriff’s Office)

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DEKALB CO., Ala. (WHNT) — DeKalb County deputies are still looking for the man they suspect shot another Tuesday.

Deputies searched the entire county Tuesday night and Wednesday.

They say Travis Townsend shot Bobby Harper  in the neck while he was inside a car. Harper was taken to Huntsville Hospital. Wednesday morning deputies say he was well enough to answer their questions.

DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris says Townsend has been in and out of their system for most of his life.”He always runs from me, but I always catch him, so he knows I’m going to catch him,” Sheriff Harris says.

He says they’ve arrested Townsend in the past on drug related charges. Sheriff Harris says Harper told deputies the fight was over a woman both men had dated.

Deputies say that woman was since arrested in Jackson County on drug related charges. They say she didn’t provide any information as to where Townsend might be.

Sheriff Harris says he has heard one side of what happened, and he says Townsend has the other. “I’m hoping Travis will call me today tell me where he’s at, where I can come and get him, and let him tell his side of the story, because there’s always two sides and we don’t know the other side.”

If you have any information as to where Townsend might be, call  256-845-3801.

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