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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Police in Albertville are investigating an early morning shooting. Shortly after 1:00 AM, Albertville Police received a call of a shooting at a business on North Broad Street.

When officers arrived on scene they found 16-year-old Garrett Honea of Boaz, dead from a single gunshot wound. Upon investigation, officers discovered that Honea and a 20-year-old male from Boaz had been in an altercation shortly before the shooting at another location.

Investigators say the 20-year-old was checking the damage on his vehicle, when he says Honea and a group of males approached the vehicle, in an attempt to start another altercation. Police believe the 20-year-old drew a .9mm pistol, and shot a single round, striking Honea in the chest. The 20-year-old then called the police.

Investigators are still gathering information, but Marshall County District Attorney Steven Marshall says it is possible that the shooting occurred in self defense.

“And unless and until that presumption is overcome, there can’t be an arrest. Now regardless of the decision made on charging here over the next several days, this case it going to be presented in front of a grand jury, and the grand jury will have a chance to consider any and all charges that might take place.”

The investigation is ongoing, and the findings of the Albertville Police Department, and investigators with the Marshall County District Attorney’s Office will be turned over to a Marshall County grand jury. Police have not filed charges in this case yet.

Marshall adds that no charges can be made at this time. “They have to look to the nature of the intent. The intent is a critical factor in determining whether or not something could be murder, could be manslaughter, could be criminally negligent homicide, or whether or not it could be simply an accident, in which there are no criminal charges,” said Marshall.