SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) – One man’s lost luggage is another man’s discounted treasure at the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, and this year for their 50th anniversary, they’re going all out. They have found a way to give those lost items a new home.

Dozens of employees, volunteers and local supporters gathered at the facility Friday afternoon to welcome home a 1965 Chevy replica carrying the first batch of unclaimed luggage.

The return marked the end of the 50-states tour for the 50th anniversary.

Jennifer Kritner, the Vice President of Unclaimed Baggage, said, “The 50th anniversary is pretty special we rescheduled to do this tour back in 2020, March of 2020, but the whole world shut down due to the pandemic.”

As the nation’s only lost luggage retailer, unclaimed baggage is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Alabama and is a one-stop shop for any and everything lost in flight transportation. Hundreds of shoppers come looking to give new life to lost items.

“Yes, I’ve been in here looking for my grandson’s clothes, and today I’m looking for shorts just looking for some deals,” said Kristie Dobbins, a baggage claimer.

From designer coats, jewelry, and updated phones you never know what you’ll find. Another baggage claimer, Sara Gist also had some pretty good luck.

“I found these really weird custom-made dolls. They were about $1,000 a piece and I got them for four bucks.”

Unclaimed Baggage’s partnerships with airlines allow them to purchase lost cargo after 90 days. They too have their own deadline for unsold items. The rest is donated to charity or recycled.

“Our passion and purpose is to truly redeem the lost, unclaimed and rejected for good,” Kritner told news 19.

As a friendly reminder, the Unclaimed Baggage Center encourages all air travelers to put their names on their luggage and take pictures of anything packed.