Town of Grant asks for improvements to Cathedral Caverns Highway & U.S. 431 intersection

Northeast Alabama
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GRANT, Ala. (WHNT) – The town of Grant is asking state officials to make the intersection of Cathedral Caverns Highway and U.S. 431 more visible.

If you’re not familiar with the intersection, it can be tough to navigate. At night it can be hard to see, and even in the daytime that intersection can be difficult for some drivers. Coming down the mountain, it can be hard to see the stop sign if you don’t travel that road often. In addition, the highway curves at that area, adding another obstruction to visibility. In the past, that area has seen several bad wrecks.

The town of Grant is asking the state if there is anything it can do to make this intersection safer. “They said yes, they’re going to put new markers there, reflectors, maybe do some re-striping and see if that will help the situation,” Grant Mayor Larry Walker said.

Town officials say they hope those fixes will help improve the situation.

Officials say if further action is needed, they would like to look into the possibility of adding more light for added visibility or a caution light to warn motorists. “We’re just looking for something that can make it a little bit safer for the citizens in Grant and people coming up the mountain.”

The area isn’t in the town limits, but those roads are a main thoroughfare into the town and are heavily traveled.

The state told town leaders it would work to make the changes as quickly as possible.

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