“They will go to jail” – Boaz Police Dept. sends strong message to drug users

Northeast Alabama
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BOAZ, Ala. — Boaz Police officers made multiple arrests over the weekend and they all had one thing in common, and officers have a strong message for offenders.

“Every one of them was drug related,” Deputy Chief Josh Gaskin said of the multiple arrests that happened from Friday to Sunday.

Officers are cracking down on drugs, and have a message for users. “We would highly recommend they stay out of Boaz,” Gaskin said, “They can take the long way around. Don’t come through Boaz, because if they get stopped or we have contact with them and they’re in possession of illegal narcotics, they will go to jail. We have zero tolerance here in Boaz.”

Gaskin says drugs bring a slew of problems to the community. “Theft is one of those huge crimes that we see associated with drug crimes, and that’s what we’re trying to avoid. We have theft reports filed every day,” Gaskin adds, “We feel like if we can slow down the drug activity in the city we can also combat that as well.”

He says officers are working hard to get the drugs off of the streets.

“Our officers have really stepped it up,” Gaskin said.

Drug arrests aren’t new and aren’t exclusive, but the Boaz Police Department wants to make them few and far between.

Gaskin says the department can’t be successful without the community’s help. Tips are a benefit to officers. You can send a private message on Facebook or call the department.

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