The Start Of The Holidays Brings An Increase In Crime

Northeast Alabama
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JACKSON CO., Ala. (WHNT) — The start of the holiday season marks something some law enforcement agencies come to expect each year – a substantial increase in domestic violence crimes.

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen says it’s a trend that starts with Thanksgiving and goes into December. “People are spending more time with one another because they’re off, so if you have an argument, sometimes alcohol’s involved, so those things lead to fights,” Chief Deputy Harnen says.

Chief Deputy Harnen says the holidays aren’t the only time for an increase in one particular crime. He says most major holidays, deputies prepare for a trend.

He says the Fourth of July and New Year’s bring an increase in DUI charges. On Halloween deputies get a lot of calls for mischief.

Chief Deputy Harnen says even though the Sheriff’s Office expects those domestic violence calls every year, there really isn’t a way to prepare to prevent that increase. “You really don’t know where it will come from. It could be the person you really don’t expect it to happen,” Chief Deputy Harnen says.

He says the trend will end around New Year’s.


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