The Pink Glove Dance!

Northeast Alabama
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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Dozens of Marshall County high school students put on a show Wednesday for drivers on Highway 431 through Guntersville.

The teens did the Pink Glove Dance throughout the day.

It is exactly what it sounds like–wearing pink medical gloves and dancing.

The program began in Oregon three years ago to raise breast cancer awareness, and to tell those battling the disease “they don’t have to dance alone.”

Marshall Technical School health science instructor Suzann Peppers coordinated and choreographed the school’s dance routine performed by her students.

Peppers’ mother-in-law, her brother’s girlfriend’s mother, and several former co-workers battled breast cancer, and so have family members of some of her students.

“We’re just dancing for breast cancer survivors and dancing for those who may  have family affected by breast cancer and we’re just getting my students involved in a good community cause,” she said.

The electronic marquee and a banner in front of the school told drivers the Pink Glove Dance was coming October 24, and kids came out to the side of the road for three shows throughout the day.

Members of the Alabama National Guard brought a massive portable stereo to blast, “You Won’t Dance Alone” by the Best Day Ever on a continuous loop.

It is the official song of The Pink Glove Dance: The Sequel.

“There’s a national competition, and healthcare providers and hospitals enter these contests and they develop their own routine and they’ll submit it and they’ll be judged and they can win money,” Peppers said.

The prize money goes to a breast cancer charity chosen by each of the winners.

The kids weren’t involved in the contest, but their goal was simply to increase awareness.

“Since I teach a health science program I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to get my kids involved in issues such as that, and it would be fun,” Peppers said.

For more information, visit the official website of The Pink Glove Dance.

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