The Haunted Hallow at Cathedral Caverns is now open

Northeast Alabama
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WOODVILLE, Ala. – Cathedral Caverns dares you to enter the Haunted Hallow at your own risk. “We started doing this several years ago first as the park. We tried to haunt a trail that they had,” says Lamar Pendergrass, park superintendent.

After a few years of trial and error and some major help, they moved the haunt into the cave. “The DAR High School Band is doing the decorating and the band themselves are doing the scaring inside the cave,” says Pendergrass.

The DAR High School band starts preparing for the Haunted Hallow in the summer and decorations go up a few weeks before October. “There’s different themes, different room areas and things like that inside the cave. But you know if you go into a cave and you cut the lights out, somebody is going to get scared.”

While the Haunted Hallow is a great experience for the community and the band to raise some extra cash, it shows people a taste of what Cathedral Caverns has to offer. “This may give someone an opportunity who may just like Halloween or likes to get scared or be scared,” explains Pendergrass. “This gives them an opportunity to come in, whet their appetites, see a little of the cave, and then come back and actually do the whole cave tour with us.”

Cathedral Caverns says the haunted tour is fun and family friendly to all. The Haunted Hallow is open on October 21st, 28th and Halloween night. The cost is $10 per person and tours run until 11 p.m.

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