The Arab Police Department offers prescription drug drop off, 24 / 7

Northeast Alabama

Drug Take Back

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ARAB, Ala. — If you were to check you medicine cabinet right now, chances are you would find some expired meds – maybe even some pills you can’t even remember why they were prescribed. The Arab Police Department has an easy way to get rid of those unwanted pills, anytime, and it’s a way to combat a widespread issue.

“You can bring your prescription pills 24 / 7. Whenever you want to. We have someone always here who will take the prescriptions and then we’ll dispose of them properly,” said Assistant Chief Shane Washburn, “We try to limit liquids and things of that nature and needles.”

The drop box is secure and can only be accessed by key. “You don’t have to leave your name or information. You don’t have to scratch off you name off of the prescription. You can leave that there because they’ll go straight here to be disposed of,” Washburn said.

Law enforcement officers make arrests involving prescription pills frequently. It’s a widespread issue. At Arab Police, officers are no stranger to that type of situation. “Several times during the week we make arrests due to prescription drugs,” Washburn said, “It’s one of our more prevalent drug arrests that we have and it’s a huge problem.”

The drop box is one way to combat it. “What we see a lot of times is, individuals who know you might you have a prescription pill, or pain medication, or some type of other medication, may actually break into the home just to steal that prescription medication. So we want to try to get it off of the streets so it doesn’t wind up in the wrong hands,” Washburn said.

Washburn added that a lot of first time drug users are teens who find the pills at home.

Many other police departments have drug drop-off dates.

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