TAKING ACTION: Customers want answers, product or refunds from Marshall Co. company

Northeast Alabama
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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) -- Numerous people have contacted us at WHNT News 19 about a company based in Marshall County that hasn't given their product or refunded their money.

In June Hoyt Harris, Jr. says his mother made arrangements to buy a monument for her husband from a company in Albertville - Bonds & Associates, LLC.

The company's owner said it would be in place in three weeks. Months after that though, the owner passed away.

His wife was left to handle the business so Harris says he gave the company time, but the monument was never delivered. "I couldn't get answers at the home phone number, I couldn't get answers at the business phone number, so I wrote a letter, explaining Mother's condition and everything. So far I've not got an answer to that either," Harris says.

Harris did get a letter saying the company was in the process of trying to sell.

Another person reached out to us at WHNT News 19 with the same story - purchased a monument, paid for it, but hasn't heard from the company.

We've called the company and got a call back. We were told the company was in the process of returning the money or providing the monuments to the customers. We gave the company time to do as it said.

However, after that time, Harris and other customers have not heard anything or gotten their product.

Any attempt to reach out to the company goes unanswered.

Harris says he understands the situation but says he just wants what he is due. "I'll be happy, we'll get it lettered ourselves. She doesn't even have to do that," Harris says

The Better Business Bureau confirms what we were told by the company but does not have a time frame of when customers could see action. "We don't want anybody to have trouble or anything like that we just want what we paid for or give us or money back it doesn't matter," Harris says.

Harris and other customers say at this point they just want answers.

The BBB says consumers should consult legal advice concerning unresolved disputes with this company.

Law enforcement agencies say as the company has delivered products in the past, and provided documentation of the sales it does not seem as if there is criminal activity.

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