Superhero Capes Offer Hope to Marshall County Toddler with Incurable Disease

Northeast Alabama

Grayson’s dad Jason helps the two-year-old fly. (Photo: Robert Richardson, WHNT News 19)

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ARAB, Ala. (WHNT) — A two-year-old boy with a rare incurable disease decided to be a superhero and fight back.

Grayson Brannan has Gardner syndrome, a rare type of polyposis, which is almost certain to one day affect his colon, and his parents are also concerned about juvenile liver failure.

He had surgery last Wednesday to remove an abscess from his head, and prior to going into the hospital, Grayson had a request for his parents, Jason and Danielle.

“He wanted a cape to make him brave for the biopsy surgery,” Jason said.

“A few days later he come back after the surgery and asked his momma to make me one so I could be brave for him as well,” he said, and Danielle did.

Grayson’s mother said she wondered if others would like to be brave for her son.

At first it was a sign of unity and support, but turned into a fundraiser.  The Brannans started taking orders last week for capes.  They are $10 each, with half the proceeds going toward Grayson’s medical expenses and the other half going to research for a cure.

Danielle said she expected 10 people to want capes.  Maybe 20.

“We have requests for 160 capes already and that’s since last Wednesday,” Danielle said.

“It’s really taken off a lot more than what we ever anticipated but we’re truly blessed from the response that we’ve gotten.  And Grayson helps make some of them.”

She lets him push the buttons on the embroidery machine, and although you can request a cape in any color or pattern you want, some people let Grayson pick colors for them.

To follow his recovery after the surgery, send words of support for the Brannan, or to order a cape of your own, visit the Capes for Grayson Facebook page.

The Brannans ask for people who get capes to take picture of them being worn and share them on Facebook, to show they are being brave for Grayson.  They made one for WHNT News 19’s Robert Richardson, which he was proud to accept and wear Wednesday.

Robert Richardson in his Super WHNT News 19 cape. (Photo: Robert Richardson, WHNT News 19)
Robert Richardson in his WHNT News 19 cape. (Photo: Robert Richardson, WHNT News 19)

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