Stevenson students sleep in boxes to raise awareness for homelessness

Northeast Alabama

STEVENSON, Ala.- Students and administrators at Journey of Faith Christian School in Stevenson are trading their warm beds for empty boxes outside Friday. It is part of the school’s second annual “sleep out,” which is meant to raise awareness for the homelessness.

More than a dozen of them are walking in the shoes of the homeless population by sleeping in boxes and holding signs near the road asking for donations.

“You come out here and you experience what they experience and it just gives you a deeper understanding of what they have to go through and it makes you want to help others more because you know they do have to go through that and don’t just to go home the next day like you do,” explained Journey of Faith Christian School junior Jade Britton.

They are accepting donations of food, warm weather supplies, toiletries and money. They will be giving all that to the Rose of Sharon shelter in Huntsville.

They raised a few hundred dollars last year and are hoping to top that this year.

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