GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The Marshall County Chamber of Commerce brought together area leaders for a legislative update on Thursday.

“The main thing I think people can get out of this today is to be able to connect with their legislators and get to ask them questions one-on-one,” said Arab Chamber of Commerce Chair Shane Washburn.

Members of the Alabama Legislature visited their constituents in Guntersville to highlight achievements from the 2023 legislative session. Alabama Senator Clay Scofield said the legislative body paid off the Alabama Trust Fund this year, returning money that had been borrowed in previous decades.

“I’m very proud that our legislature kept that commitment, and hopefully we won’t have to do that again,” Scofield said.

Rep. Brock Colvin is a freshman member of the committee responsible for designating the state’s $8.8 billion education trust. He said he and his colleagues prioritized several issues impacting Alabama, including a statewide shortage of educators.

“If we have any teachers in the room, next month you’ll be getting a two percent pay raise,” Colvin said. “Then, we have some additional pay raises coming to some more specified positions, such as special education, school nurses where we saw a shortage across the state.”

Rep. Wes Kitchens focused on public safety, describing changes in parole eligibility and increased penalties for crimes.

“If you’re distributing fentanyl, we’re going to increase those crimes to make sure to keep our kids safer and keep our streets safer,” Kitchens said.

Ahead of the next legislative session, the members encouraged their constituents to reach out and discuss the issues they would like to see addressed in the future.

You can find contact information for those area leaders below:

Sen. Clay Scofield (R)

  • Phone: (334) 261-0876
  • Email:

Rep. Brock Colvin (R)

  • Phone: (334) 261-0438
  • Email:

Rep. Wes Kitchens

  • Phone: (334) 261-0539
  • Email: