Spruce up Douglas day set for May 14 and 15

Northeast Alabama
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DOUGLAS, Ala. — Spruce Up Douglas day is set for May 14 and 15, and the town wants its residents to help make it as successful as years past.

“The city and the county commission will provide a dumpster that will be located at town hall, and you’ll be able to put anything you’ve got around the house that you want to throw away that you can’t get rid of,” Douglas Mayor Corey Hill says.

There are some exceptions, though. “We can’t take household garbage, we can’t take toxic chemicals, and we can’t take electronics,” Hill explains.

The dumpster will be delivered and stationed at town hall, and residents will have access to it throughout that weekend.

The town has done this for the last several years, and every year town officials say it’s successful. “We’re thankful that this stuff doesn’t end up in a landfill or doesn’t end up on the side of the mountain, or the side of the road, because a lot of that stuff is recyclable once it goes into the dumpster,” Hill explains.

It’s an easy way for Douglas residents to help maintain their community.

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