Shortage Of Substitute Bus Drivers Creating A Problem For Marshall County Schools

Northeast Alabama
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MARSHALL CO., Ala. (WHNT) — A shortage of substitute bus drivers for Marshall County Schools is creating a problem for the system.

On average the system has 13 absences a day, and there are only 10 substitutes to fill those positions to cover the 70 routes. “We’re having to just basically, just keep our head above water,” Transportation Supervisor Mark Howard says.

Howard says they’ve had to certify and pull from staff whose job titles don’t include bus driving.”I drive a lot, morning and afternoon, as well as I’ve got some great mechanics who work for me, I’m having to use them,” Howard says, “We have one principal in the county that will actually pitch in for us as well.”

Howard says the board is working to offset the costs of becoming certified in order to get more drivers. “It can become quite expensive but our board has agreed for our employees to be reimbursed for those expenses,” Howard says.

There are multiple requirements in order to become a substitute bus driver, but school system leaders says they will work with anyone who is interested. To get started you’re asked to call the system at  (256) 582 – 6499.

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