MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Community members, local officials, and businesses are asking for prayers after Steve Guthrie, the chief deputy of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office was hospitalized last month.

According to social media posts made by Guthrie’s wife, Tammy, he was admitted to the hospital with pancreatitis and gallstones on Saturday, October 22. She said the doctors were planning to remove his gallbladder, but he coded around 5:15 a.m. on Wednesday, October 26. 

“After about 10 minutes of CPR, God sent him back to us,” Tammy Guthrie wrote on Facebook. “[Doctors] believe he coded due to a combination of pain meds and his sleep apnea but aren’t sure until further tests are done.”

She said those tests were slated to happen on October 27. That day, Tammy said doctors limited Steve Guthrie’s visitation to just immediate family members.

Steve was transferred to Huntsville Hospital on October 28.

Tammy’s most recent update came on Friday, November 4. She said her husband had suffered “severe anoxic brain damage in multiple areas.”

“He is currently non-responsive,” she wrote. “All movement that we’ve seen to date have been reflex movements from his brain stem.”

In the wake of Chief Deputy Guthrie’s hospitalization, multiple businesses in Marshall County, including Jefferson’s and Hardee’s, have added “PRAY FOR STEVE” to their signs.

There were also several prayer vigils held for Guthrie on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

“The kindness and abundance of prayers from friends, family, and the community are absolutely overwhelming!” Tammy wrote. “I can’t wait for him to open his eyes and see the many posts with so many people praying and all of the businesses that are supporting him by asking for prayers on their billboards.”

“Just know that [the entire family is] extremely grateful and blessed to have such loving and caring friends, family, and community!” she concluded. “All I ask is for everyone to please keep those prayers going up.”

For the most recent updates on Chief Deputy Guthrie’s condition and opportunities to help his family, visit the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page.