Several Jackson County entities working to ‘go green’, Scottsboro City Schools teaching it

Northeast Alabama
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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) — Scottsboro and Jackson County entities are working to implement an energy-saving program throughout their buildings, following a path paved by Scottsboro City Schools.

Friday morning students at Collins Intermediate School in Scottsboro had a lot to look forward to. It’s picture day, and it’s Football Friday. In the classrooms though, it’s time for learning.

In Scottsboro City Schools students are learning one lesson in a unique way. “We recently did a major energy retrofit with Schneider Electric and part of the project was, we wanted to implement some education about renewable energy,” Director of Operations Tony Ball says.

There’s an example of that on the school’s roof — solar panels. Inside, a screen provides a visual, numerical, example of how those panels are working.

All of the City’s schools are using the panels as a learning tool. Each school has a screen that transmits data and updates continually to provide students with information on how the panels are working, and how many resources are being conserved as a result.

However, there’s more to it. The schools are now equipped with multiple ways to conserve energy — from different light bulbs to the air conditioning.

The Scottsboro City Council and Jackson County Schools are following the example. Mayor Melton Potter says they’re working on a plan to install those same energy-saving modifications in each of the main city buildings. Jackson County Commission Chair Matthew Hodges the County’s schools are working to do the same, and says the Commission is looking at that option as well.

It’s a transition that started in classrooms. “We want to be able to teach children about renewable resources, renewable energy,” Ball says. Along with that came a way to make the schools a little greener, and now a good part of other Jackson County entities are working to that goal as well.


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