SECTION, Ala. (WHNT) – The Powell Police Department (PPD) responded to a call Sunday which allegedly ended with their assistant chief being attacked by a naked woman covered in blood.

On Jan. 15, PPD received a call stating that a nude woman was screaming at neighbors from her mobile home. When officers arrived, PPD said they found Stacey Waldrep of Section and the mobile home covered in blood and multiple windows busted.

Authorities came into contact with Waldrep, who they say was uncooperative and wouldn’t follow Assistant Chief Wilson’s commands to stay back.

Officials say that while clearing the home, Wilson determined the blood was from Waldrep. PPD added that when Wilson went to his police car to retrieve medical gear and tend to Waldrep, she came up behind him and began attacking him, covering him in blood.

A statement posted to the PPD Facebook says that Wilson tried to arrest Waldrep at that time, but she resisted, causing him to be covered in more of her blood.

When Wilson finally was able to detain Waldrep, authorities say she was covered with a blanket and received medical care at the scene before she was taken to the Jackson County Jail.

Waldrep was charged with felony assault on a police officer and Powell Police say more charges are expected.