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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) — Buy a car, get a gun free.

That’s the deal through Saturday at Harbin Ford and Harbin Chevrolet in Scottsboro.

Win Harbin and his brother Tanner came up with the “Second Amendment Sale” as they brainstormed a new incentive or giveaway instead of things like televisions or tool kits.

“We wanted to do something that added value for the customer,” Win Harbin said.

“We’ve got two American brands, and we’ve got them both here in one location, so we were thinking, what if we give away a gun?”

They wanted to offer customers something with value, and Harbin said a gun never loses its value and can be passed down from one generation to the next.

As for the name of the promotion, Harbin said, “You can’t turn on a news channel or the Internet without seeing something about the second amendment and what all it entails.”

Harbin said he is not trying to make a political statement about the gun control debate, but simply take advantage of a hot topic and hopefully give customers a new kind of incentive.

“You can’t really talk politics without 1,000 different views and I respect everybody’s views.  We wanted to mainly keep this as a token of our appreciation for doing business with us.”

James Cooke and his family members bought about 10 vehicles from the Harbin dealerships in the past five years, and he was back Friday to buy a new Ford F-150.

“I’ve been here the last couple of days looking at trucks and deciding what I want,” he said.

“Having the chance to win a rifle and getting $200 toward your purchase of a pistol was just a big incentive for me to be here,” but he said he was not buying a truck because of it.

“The weapon’s just a bonus,” Cooke said.

The Harbin dealerships also have a promotion for people who test drive any of their vehicles.  Their names will be entered in a drawing for a rifle with a scope or a life time membership to the National Rifle Association.

“I think that’d be great, the life time membership,” Cooke said.

“The NRA is definitely the biggest group that protects our rights to bear arms, and [winning] would be nice, certainly.  Anything you can win is great.”

Win Harbin said February was one of the best sales months for the dealership, and they issued more than a dozen vouchers for guns at the Scottsboro Gun & Pawn Shop since the Second Amendment Sale started the middle of this week.

“It just feels good to be a domestic dealer and we just feel as though guns are a huge part of America’s heritage, and you tie it into American brands, and it’s just a great giveaway for buying a vehicle,” Harbin said.

Scottsboro Gun & Pawn Shop manager Robert Shook said three people already redeemed their vouchers in the first three days.  Buyers have until April 30 to do so.

The promotion ends Saturday, and Harbin will do the drawing for the rifle or NRA membership at the end of the day.