Scottsboro residents asking for city to clean up an overgrown road

Northeast Alabama
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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. – A family in Jackson County says they’re having to dodge overgrown trees on their road making it difficult, and possibly dangerous, to travel on.

But everyone they’ve reached out to says they can’t help.

Thomas Smedley says he’s lived on Martin Road in the Hytop community since 1979. He says he’s never seen the trees become so overgrown and he’s had to drive out of the way to avoid the trees, and he feels it’s becoming a safety hazard.

“I’ve almost had two wrecks with the lady down the street. Her coming out and me going in, on account of those trees, you got to get in the wrong lane,” said Smedley.

Smedley says a few months ago he went to the Jackson County commissioner’s office asking for someone to trim the trees.

The county sent a tree trimming service to clean up County Road 250, but Smedley says the road he lives on was left untouched.

“They never did come out on Martin Road, so I went back and asked them about it and they said that Martin Road belonged to Hytop,” said Smedley.

He called Hytop’s Mayor Leslie Thakerson to tell him about the tree issue.

Smedley says the mayor told him that Hytop couldn’t afford to pay for the tree trimming themselves and that he would have to go in front of the county commission.

Smedley claims Mayor Thakerson gave him two options: to cut the trees himself, or close the road. “He says we can either get the trees trimmed, or we could close the road.”

If they closed the road, he says the residents of Martin Road would still have to drive on it, but it’d be at their own risk and they wouldn’t get mail.

Smedley’s also worried because if the road closes, ambulances won’t be able to go into the neighborhood.

Smedley says something has to be done besides closing the road.

“The city’s got money for it or not, we’ve got to have something done about the tree trimming,” said Smedley.

Mayor Thakerson said it’s true that Hytop cannot afford the tree services, and they were looking for volunteers.

So, WHNT News 19 reached out to local tree trimming services to see if anyone could help. Bailey Landscaping L.L.C. stepped up and has agreed to clear Martin Road within a month for free.

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