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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. – Just need to check out a book and go?  The Scottsboro Public Library is making that a lot easier. All thanks to the Bynum Foundation grant, they now have a stand alone self checkout system.

“We are still checking patrons books in and out with a librarian.  This is not just to deter people from coming to see a librarian. This is just a quicker way to check
your books in and out,” said Laura Pitts, library director.

Laura Pitts said this new checkout system will especially help during the summer with long lines. Being a smaller library, staff is limited; so this new system will act as an extra person.

“Everything from getting the books straightened, making sure the shelves are taken care of, all of those things are part of an efficiency that we can’t get to in a quick time, if we’re at the front desk,” said Laura. “So this is going to allow us to take some time during the week also to focus on some other areas.”

Now, there are some limitations with the self check out.

“So if you do have a fine, you still are required to pay the fine. So the self check unit will prompt you if you have a fine due on your account. And there are some materials that you can’t checkout with the self checkout unit due to some security restrictions.”

The Scottsboro Public Library feels as though this addition shows the improvements and upgrades being made to their system.