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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) — It’s a case that left Scottsboro Police hitting dead ends.  Now more than 30 years later, they’re hoping to get answers.

An area on Highway 72 in Scottsboro has changed since the middle of October 1981. It happened around the time of October 17th to be more exact. However, the circumstances that made that date and the stretch of road in front of the Western Sizzlin restaurant memorable for Scottsboro officers haven’t changed at all in more than three decades. “The guy had no identification on him at all. All he had was a piece of paper with a phone number on it,” Lieutenant Scott Matthews said.

Lieutenant Matthews is the officer in charge of investigating the cold case.  He says a man was walking down that stretch of highway when a car accidentally hit him.  No one knew him, know one had seen him before.  That piece of paper officers found on him was their only lead.  “That lead just led to a guy in Kentucky who had picked up this guy a few days before,” Lieutenant Matthews said.

That truck driver told investigators he didn’t know the man.  He hadn’t given him his name or any other information when the truck driver agreed to give him a lift.  All officers do know about the man they’re calling John Doe is that he was in his 50’s, average build, white and had a long scar on his neck.  They think he may have been traveling to Florida.

However, even with that slim information investigators are hoping to finally get answers.  “Now that you have technology like it is and social media like it is, it’s worth taking a shot.  And, hopefully somebody will come forward and give closure to a family somewhere,” Lieutenant Matthews explained.

Officers are going to go over the case again and reach out on all platforms of social media. If you have any tips on this case call Lieutenant Matthews at 256-574-4468 Ext. 337.  Police also have a picture of the man.

To view the picture, scroll through the gallery below.  Please note that the image is not particularly inappropriate or gory, but be forewarned it is a postmortem photo.