Scottsboro looks to install the city’s first storm shelter

Northeast Alabama
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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. – Several storm shelters are scattered across Jackson County. “In the county, the shelters are more out in the community areas where there’s higher populations,” said Mayor Robin Shelton.

They want the same for Scottsboro. The city council is already working on the city’s first storm shelter. “We got together and identified what we thought were potential locations and then we approached the property owners,” explained Mayor Shelton.

Right now the only public shelter is the courthouse basement. Unfortunately, it can’t hold an entire city and its location isn’t easily accessible for all. “There’s several people in the last few years that have added storm shelters to their home. You know not everyone can do that.”

It was important for the city to add this extra safety precaution just in case of emergencies. “We wanted to go ahead and reserve some funds from this year for the project. That’s why we went ahead and made it public and city council will act on it Monday,” said Mayor Shelton.

Monday the council will vote on the funds needed in order to install the shelter. “We would like to have this one in place if we could by the first of the year.”

This will hopefully be the first of many shelters around the city.

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