Scottsboro High’s landmark tree damaged by the storm

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - Many in Scottsboro are taking the time to reflect on an important landmark damaged by this week's storms. Any time people mention Scottsboro High School, they can't help but mention the historic tree that welcomes anyone who pulls up to the front of the school. But now, the tree has extensive damage.

Some may not even notice the tree that sits right in front of SHS, but it has seen 18 first days of school. "It's Scottsboro High School. They ask, 'Is that the one with the big tree out in front?' Yes it is," said SHS senior Joshua Andrews.

It's Scottsboro's unofficial mascot. "I have several class shirts that all have the tree on the pocket or the tree on the back," said Andrews.

When it's time to celebrate a state championship or even an awareness week, they roll the tree. "I think for any senior the favorite time to roll the tree is the day before school starts. It's kind of a right of passage for a Scottsboro senior."

Storms came through the city Tuesday night and unfortunately, it wasn't able to withstand the weather. Students and staff arrived the next morning finding their beloved tree split in two. "Honestly, tears came to my eyes because I love this school and I'm very spirited. I just knew... that was like a symbol being torn down from us," said SHS senior Caroline Estes.

Principal Brad Dudley says they've rolled this tree somewhere around 47 times. "Fine people at Auburn celebrate Toomer's Corner and their trees. You know at the Masters you have the Eisenhower tree on number 17 in Augusta and this is our tree," said Dudley.

Although school officials say they're working on trying to save what's left of the tree, students are going to make sure that everyone remembers the legacy it leaves behind.

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