Scottsboro Fire Department brings awareness to National Burn Awareness Week

Northeast Alabama
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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - "Anybody with kids knows how they like to reach and grab."

Burns are the leading cause of child injury, and national burn awareness week gives fire stations the opportunity to educate people on how to stay safe.

"It doesn't take much a of burn to really affect a lot of a body, because they're so small. What could typically be a 5% burn, may be a 20% burn for a child," said Fire Chief Gene Necklaus.

He advised that you need to keep a three feet radius around any heat source, whether that be a stove or candle.

"So that kids are not around it. So that flammable materials are not around it, curtains or dish towels or what have you," explained Chief Necklaus.

Another type of burn to be aware of that most don't think about are chemical burns.

"Maybe somebody was mixing chemicals, mixing pool chemicals in the summer time. Those can really overcome you very fast and cause burns not only to your skin. Inhaled burns can cause serious burns that way."

Last but not least, pay attention to water temperatures to avoid scalds.

"We always want to make sure our children's water isn't too hot. The same way with disabled or elderly people."

These are daily lessons they teach, but the awareness week gives Scottsboro Fire Department another chance to give extra attention to these causes.

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