Scottsboro City Council Discusses Lowering Automobile Tax

Northeast Alabama
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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) — The Scottsboro City Council and Jackson County Commission are working to lower the automobile tax.

If you buy a car in Jackson County, you’re paying the highest automobile tax in northeast Alabama. That’s why Scottsboro Mayor Melton Potter says city leaders are working with the County Commission to find a way to lower it. “We’re looking at lowering the city’s part from one and a half to a half percent, and the County is looking at lowering theirs from one percent to point six percent.”

Right now the full tax is four and a half percent. “So that would give a total of three point one percent, verse four and a half percent,” Mayor Potter says.

About half of that goes to the state, the other portions go to the county and the city. So by lowering that tax, the county and the city are going to take a cut in money brought in from each sale.

However, city and county officials say they don’t expect to lose any money on this change. They say they expect to make it up in quantity. “We think that with a lower tax they will be able to sell more cars which in turn would boost our overall tax base,” Mayor Potter says.

He says the council has talked to local dealers who are on board with the change. The county is expected to discuss this issue in the next several weeks. Mayor Potter says the goal is for this to go into effect on February first.

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