RUSSELLVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Russellville High School is ranked 18th within Alabama according to the US News and World Report a jump from its 22nd rating in 2022.

U.S. News said its rankings are based primarily on test scores for math, reading and science. they also looked at underserved student performance, focusing on students who are black, Hispanic or from low-income households.

The AP participation rate at Russellville High School is 74%. the total minority enrollment is 60%. Russellville High School is the only high school in Russellville. Taking a look back in 2019 the school ranked 68th, in 2020—28th, in 2021–21st, 2022–22nd, and now in 2023 they are 18th which brings them into the 90th percentile in the nation according to these rankings. Now the school says students at their school value education.

“Essentially we’ve placed kids EL students, students of low income and minority in AP classes when no one thought that they would be successful,” Assistant Superintendent and former Principal Jason Goodwin said, “but in turn, we challenged those students and they accepted our challenge simply because they value education and we’ve been successful in doing so and the students are the ones who are successful.

Huntsville City, and Madison City each have two high schools in the top 25.