Roy Tech Environ is opening a new headquarters in Grant

Northeast Alabama

Future site of Roy Tech Environ in Grant

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GRANT, Ala. – A new plant is opening a headquarters in the Grant that means more jobs for the residents in the area.

The plant site was once owned by Kennametal but closed in September of 2016. City officials finally found a new industry to take its place.

“The name of the company is Roy Tech Environ. It’s a Chinese owned company. Matter of fact, it’ll be the first Chinese owned company in Marshall County I believe,” says Mayor Larry Walker.

Mayor Walker says Roy Tech Environ has another plant in Switzerland and were looking to build a headquarters in the United States. “What they’ll be doing is recycling plastic and taking that plastic, chipping and melting it down, and making plastic pellets.”

Those pellets will then be shipped to countries all over the world. Roy Tech Environ will be closing on this deal Monday. The company already has equipment shipped and officials want to get going on the opening process. “Recently, they said they’re going to have 40 to 50 people, but they say they plan on growing really fast,” says Mayor Walker. “So we’re looking at maybe somewhere up to 80 or 90 people in a year.”

Mayor Walker says the hiring process will begin very soon. The City of Grant is looking forward to how this new industry will help the area. “Well, it’s certainly good for the economy to have more money available. It’s also good for the local people for them to find jobs here locally and close to home.”

Roy Tech Environ officials hope to open their plant within the next couple of months.

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