Room in the Inn offers shelter from winter storm to Marshall County homeless

Northeast Alabama

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. – While larger areas sometimes have multiple warming stations to help combat the cold temperatures, there is only one in Marshall County.

It is called the Room in the Inn.

“It’s been hopeless, but through my misadventures in life, you know, I did this to myself,” said Cary Noles.

Tuesday afternoon, Noles described himself to News 19 as 100% completely homeless.

He found himself in a tough spot before this week’s Winter storm.

“I didn’t know the weather was going to do this. I don’t have access to information,” added Noles.

“It is well below freezing and they could get hypothermia, they could get pneumonia. When you can come in and be warm, I would much rather them come here and I’m sure they’d much rather be warm than be in the cold,” explained Room in the Inn Day Program Coordinator Samantha Logan.

Noles said he is on day three of staying in the Marshall County Homeless Ministries’ Room in the Inn program, which provides a warm day center with snacks and television for those in need.

At night, they go to various churches in Guntersville for a nice hot meal, fellowship, and a warm, soft place to lay their head.

“I was in so much pain from the cold, just not sleeping. It was like the Lord actually sent them to me. Just out of the blue, they just showed up and said, ‘We see you sitting out here a lot’ and they knew what I am and offered me this opportunity to get out of the weather, sleep on a mattress because sleeping on the ground in the wintertime ain’t the best thing for an old man,” laughed Noles.

He said program workers found him and encouraged him to seek shelter from the cold and is grateful for the rest and reassurance that God is looking out for him.

“Whether you believe or not, it’s God’s hand at work. You’re treated fair and just like everybody else and I truly believe they do a truly remarkable thing helping people,” added Noles.

Noles will be joining at least two other homeless neighbors at Real Church Tuesday night.

Anyone seeking refuge from the cold can register at Lake City Assembly of God in Guntersville during the day.

The program also offers some utility payments for those less fortunate through funding by the United Way of Marshall County.

Room in the Inn leaders are also working to slow the spread of COVID-19 by requiring mask use when social distancing is not available, temperature checks, and providing hand sanitizing stations throughout the day center.

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