CROSSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Residents in a DeKalb County neighborhood are sounding off about the ditches near their homes that they say haven’t been cleaned out in years.

For people like Thomas Weaver on County Road 3 in Crossville, they say the ditches have become concerning for them.

“With the ditches being damned up, it has nowhere to go except for behind my yard. The county is not taking care of their ditches and keeping them clean,” Weaver said.

Weaver says the trees in the ditches have grown to shoulder-high levels and are covered with bushes and both have contributed to flooding concerns in the neighborhood when it rains.

After pleading for years with the county commission to address them, he says the ditches aren’t able to hold enough water to prevent flooding, which has caused the fence where his cattle lives to partly wash away.

“It’s causing problems due to me not being able to mow my yard properly,” Weaver told News 19. “It’s causing problems with my fence being washed away and it’s causing coyotes, wild dogs, and any other animal to come in and hurt my livestock.”

With water at times from the ditches flooding the outside of his house, Weaver worries about the possibility of mold growing in his home, and the vision he had to turn it into farmland is no longer.

“I have water standing underneath my house that’s eventually going to cause health concerns for my kids,” Weaver said. “My father poured his life into this place and I’m having to set back and watch it wash away.”

News 19 reached out to DeKalb County Commissioner Terry Harris who presides over the district where that neighborhood is, however, he did not respond for comment.