Redline Steel say they’re nearly caught up on Christmas orders

Northeast Alabama
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TANNER, Ala.- Redline Steel owners are pledging to send out the rest of their overdue orders by this weekend.

Since WHNT News 19 began covering this story in December, we’ve contacted Redline Steel several times, in hopes of hearing what they’ve been doing to address complaints.

This week, management agreed to their first on-camera interview with WHNT News 19 on the subject.

After agreeing to reschedule from Thursday to Friday, we went to the plant and were told the owner was sick, nobody from the company would go on camera, and we weren’t allowed access to the factory floor.

Some customers have been waiting since Thanksgiving.

“He’s an avid hunter, so I thought it’d be a great Christmas item for them,” Redline Steel customer Sherie Carlson said.

It’s been a frustrating few months for Carlson. Like several other people, her custom metal monogram from Redline Steel didn’t make it by Christmas.

“I posted something. They kept deleting it. So I messaged the guy, and the next thing I know, I was booted off the page and blocked,” Carlson said.

Not exactly the treatment she was expecting. Still, the company has spent the last few weeks rushing to box up and ship out the overdue orders, which meant Carlson finally got a straight answer.

“Yesterday, when I finally got my shipping confirmation,” Carlson said.

Redline Steel management declined to appear on camera or allow us to see anything on the factory floor on Friday. They say they’re now on the last five percent of the overdue Christmas orders and plan to have them shipped out by Saturday.

For weeks, an automated response was all frustrated callers could get on the phone. By Friday, we got a more personal touch when a customer service representative answered.

They’re still not re-accredited, but Redline Steel’s Better Business Bureau rating rose from a D-minus to a B-minus. The company has now merged its different products under the name Redline Decor.

“Companies have tried to rename themselves, restructure to get away from the bad reputation they’ve developed under another business name. That’s happened here locally many times,” Better Business Bureau of North Alabama president Elizabeth Garcia said.

Redline management say they hope to get their rating back to an ‘A’ by next month. Garcia says to do it, they’ll have to satisfy complaints from customers like Carlson.

“They gave me a tracking number. I verified it today. And it actually will be here tomorrow, so we’ll see what happens tomorrow,” Carlson said.

Redline management says they’ve hired five customer service employees to answer phones.

They declined to give WHNT News 19 an exact number as to how many orders remain to be shipped out.


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