Porch Pirates stealing packages in Union Grove

Northeast Alabama
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UNION GROVE, Ala. – Porch pirates are coming out of the woodwork in Marshall County. One Union Grove homeowner had two packages stolen from her mailbox and a storage box near her gate on New Friendship Road Monday.

Marshall County Sheriff Phil Sims said they get these reports throughout the year, but more often around the holidays.

“It can be anybody,” said Sims. “It could be a next-door neighbor. It could be somebody in your neighborhood. It could be kids. It could be someone who does it a lot, that has kind of taken it upon themselves to kind of support themselves, but like I said, it is a crime of opportunity.”

Sims added that it can be tougher for them to catch the suspects out in rural areas.

“County is more rural. Your houses are more spread apart. In the cities, your subdivisions are closer together, so you have a better chance of someone seeing a suspicious vehicle or anything like that,” said Sims.

Sims recommends having your packages delivered when you are home or having a trustworthy neighbor grab it for you when it’s dropped off.

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