Players prepare for a rainy football Friday night on Sand Mountain

Northeast Alabama
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COLLINSVILLE, Ala.- There were soggy football fields across Sand Mountain Friday night during the third round of the playoffs.

Collinsville High School head football coach Ernie Willingham told WHNT News 19 that his players are ready for whatever mother nature throws at them. He said they practice any time it rains, unless it's lightning, in preparation for games like Friday’s.

“You can talk about practicing in the rain and playing in the rain, stuff like that, but if you're not out there in it, you don’t understand the footing and snapping the ball to the quarterback, stuff like that,” said Willingham.

He hopes that type of practice will keep his players safe from injuries.

“We work on keeping our weight over our foot when we cut and not getting extended out to far, but we even do that when it's dry," said Willingham.

School officials encouraged fans to be prepared for the game against North Sand Mountain High School by bringing umbrellas and ponchos. Before the game, the school put up tarps around the ticket booths to make sure the ticket takers don't get too wet.

Willingham told WHNT News 19 that getting sick after being in the rain and cold for too long is an old wive's tale.

“If you get wet, then it makes the cold a little bit worse. The cold feels colder if it's raining,” said Dr. Wayne Peters. Peters works at Sand Mountain Family Practice Center in Albertville.

He said it can actually cause higher susceptibility to illness.

“If they get wet and then they stay wet for a long time, particularly wet and cold, people are more likely to get sick," said Dr. Peters. "Plus the fact that it is flu season time and a lot of other people have colds and whatever, then you get everybody together at the ball game, you're going to have some people probably get sick.”

He encouraged fans should bundle up and try their best to stay as dry as possible.

Peters added that cold temperatures can be tough on muscles, so players should do extra warm-ups to make sure they don't sprain or strain anything.

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