Plans in the works to create a board to oversee Brookwood Cemetery

Northeast Alabama
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ARAB, Ala. (WHNT) — There are plans in the works to create a board to oversee and find a solution for the issues at Brookwood Cemetery near Arab.

The manager of the cemetery, Jason Chamblee, says he is working with Senator Clay Scofield to create the board, which ideally will be made up of community members and officials.

The idea is to create a group made up of individuals who have a stake in the cemetery to find solutions, address issues, and map out a plan for the future.

Senator Scofield has family members buried at the cemetery. He tells us he will help mediate in planning the cemetery’s future. He says a possibility is to set up a non-profit, but there are still a lot of questions to be answered regarding that direction.

They are still looking into all of the details and information, and are in the very early stages of planning.

Senator Scofield says he plans to become more actively involved when session is over.

Chamblee tells us he has spoken with several community members who are interested in volunteering for the board.

Multiple members of the community has reached out to WHNT News 19 several weeks ago with concerns about the cemetery.

High on the list were frustrations on how the cemetery is run and maintained and questions about the cemetery’s future.

We learned the cemetery has changed hands multiple times, including passing through state ownership. Now it is owned by individuals who are out-of-state, who own another Marshall County cemetery. We understand it’s funded separately and used more frequently, so there is more funding for it.

Chamblee says the funding for the cemetery has decreased substantially over the years.

A meeting was held about the cemetery nearly two weeks ago, where the manager planned to address concerns. After the meeting, residents told us they have more questions, and didn’t feel their concerns were solved.

Grounds maintenance is not currently happening at Brookwood Cemetery. The manager told WHNT News 19 the owner told him to stop upkeep following an altercation while mowing last week.

Arab Mayor Bob Joslin tells us the city would like to see the cemetery upgraded and brought back to its prior condition, but the city is not in a position to take over.

The planning for the board to oversee the cemetery is in the very early stages as details and information is sorted through.

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